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Cadillac Rebuilt Engines

Getting a used Cadillac engine may not be the right choice for you. When this is the case, you should come to this site to find the perfect Cadillac engine for you. We have remanufactured automotive engines for just about any car make and model. We offer well made performance engines, import engines, American engines and so much more.

You will find the right motor for you whether it is a diesel engine, gas engine, short block or big engine here. You will love the great selection that we have to offer for you and your Cadillac car. There is defiantly plenty to look at when you shop online with us.

We are well known for our great-remanufactured engines but also our great customer service. We want to make you happy. This means that you should have the best online Cadillac car engine buying experience. We dedicate our selves to make sure that you have complete satisfaction. That is the most important thing to us and you will see that when you visit us online.

You could go and buy a brand new engine from the OEM, for a lot of money. There is no reason to spend a fortune on a new motor when you can buy a great performance engine from us. We guarantee that we use the best parts on all of the remanufactured automotive engines that we build for you. You will get a great Cadillac engine for less money then you would think.

It is easy to get the small engine, big engine or whatever your Cadillac needs home fast. All you have to do is enter all of your information and then your remanufactured engine will be on its way to you within a few hours of your order. It is that fast and simple!

To read more about Car Engines Store, please visit our Information page.

Stock No.YearsTypeSizeVINPrice
AGCHV350RLB41993V85.7 L, 350 CID7, 6$1,481.00 *
AGCHV350RLB51999V85.7 L, 350 CIDR, G$1,688.00 *
AGCHV350RLB71994 - 1996V85.7 L, 350 CIDP, K$1,826.00 *
AGGMC173LLB21987 - 1988V62.8 L, 173 CIDW$1,353.00 *
AGGMC305RLB1991 - 1992V85.0 L, 305 CIDE, H, F$1,413.00 *
AGOLD307RLB1986 - 1990V85.0 L, 307 CIDY$1,649.00 *
AGGMC427LB1966 - 1967V87.0 L, 429 CID$1,947.00 *
AGGMC500LB1975 - 1976V88.2 L, 500 CIDS$2,177.00 *
AGGMC252LB1980 - 1982V64.1 L, 252 CID4$1,370.00 *
AGOLD350LB21979 - 1980V85.7 L, 350 CIDB$1,638.00 *
AGGMC173LB91985 - 1986V62.8 L, 173 CIDW$1,245.00 *
AGGMC305LLB1987V85.0 L, 307 CID9, H$1,286.00 *
AGGMC262LB1985V64.3 L, 260 CIDT, N, Z$1,166.00 *
AGGMC425LB1977 - 1979V87.0 L, 425 CIDT, S$2,163.00 *
AGGMC472LB1968 - 1969V87.7 L, 472 CID$2,177.00 *
AGCHV350LB5RV1980 - 1984V85.7 L, 350 CIDN, K$1,248.00 *
AGCHV325LB2003 - 2005V85.3 L, 322 CIDP, T, Z, X, B$1,871.00 *
AGCHV346LB2000V85.7 L, 350 CIDR, G$2,850.00 *
AGGMC1800LB1982L41.8 L, 112 CIDG$1,232.00 *
AGCHV350LB4RV1979V85.7 L, 350 CIDN$1,248.00 *
AGCHV364LB2002V86.0 L, 364 CIDU, N$2,104.00 *
AGGMC2000LB1983 - 1986L42.0 L, 122 CIDP, B$1,248.00 *
AGGMC250MLB31982 - 1985V84.1 L, 250 CID8$1,340.00 *

* Price as of 04/15/2015. Actual prices may vary.