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Cord Used Parts Finder

Buying Used Cord Parts - Guide & Tips

Do you need replacement used Cord parts? Our extensive network of Cord salvage/junkyards and auto recyclers can be a great place for you to find that incredible good buy of Cord used parts. Note the terms "Cord Used Salvage Yard Part", "Cord Recycled Part", "Cord Salvage Part", "Cord Quality Replacement Part" or "Cord Like Kind Quality Part" refer to Cord used parts.

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Finding a used part in a modern salvage yard is similar to the shopping experience one would have in a contemporary retail store. Many of our salvage yards and used car part dealers use an advanced part inventory system. Digging through loads of rusty old cars is a job with in itself and a style of business from the past. A wrecked Cord car or truck is initially brought into the salvage yard to be dismantled. Then its useable parts get stored in a warehouse. Generally, the fast-moving popular parts such as bumpers, headlights, taillights, radiators, alternators, and seats are standing by on the display shelves.

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Our locating service connects you with a major network of salvage yards around the country. Our system will provide you with the essential vehicle/part information and the price within a few seconds. We can save you hours of frustration by eliminating the tedious time spent calling customers and/or salvage yards. Find below some of the salvage yards that may stock the Cord parts you are looking for:

1. Marshall Imports
City, State, Zip: Bluffton, Ohio
11. Harry & Sons Auto Parts, Inc.
City, State, Zip: Warren, Michigan48089
Phone: 810-772-2560
2. B-J Used Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Downey, California
Phone: 562-927-8621
12. GreenLeaf NV Las Vegas
City, State, Zip: Las Vegas, Nevada
Website: http://lasvegas.greenleafparts.org
3. Bay Area Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Houston, Texas77034
Phone: 713-944-8044
13. Conner`s Automotive Recycling
City, State, Zip: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-264-6500
4. Youngs Auto Center
City, State, Zip: Benson, North Carolina
Website: http://www.youngsautocenter.com
Email: sphope@youngsautocenter.com
14. Economy Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Winona, Minnesota
Phone: 507-454-3000
5. Smith Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Jacksonville, Texas75766
Phone: 903-586-8346
Email: gdcsmith@goquest.com
15. Central Auto Parts, Inc.
City, State, Zip: Bismarck, North Dakota
Phone: 701-223-9547
6. Wentworth Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Peabody, Massachusetts01960
Phone: 978-535-3328
16. The Parts Place
City, State, Zip: Batavia, Illinois
Phone: 630-879-1600
7. Hilltop Recycling
City, State, Zip: Chugiak, Alaska
Website: http://www.hilltoprecycling.com
Email: parts1@hilltoprecycling.com
17. Astro Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Boynton Beach, Florida33436
Phone: 561-499-5600
8. Lindale Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: New Richmond, Ohio
Website: http://www.lindaleautoparts.com
Email: sales@lindaleautoparts.com
18. Voll Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Toledo, Ohio
Website: http://www.vollautoparts.com
Email: parts@vollautoparts.com
9. Auto Parts Brokers
City, State, Zip: Olmsted Township, Ohio44138
Phone: 440-427-8737
Email: apbauto@sbcglobal.net
19. AA Auto
City, State, Zip: North Little Rock, Arkansas
Website: http://www.aaforeign.com
Email: jason@aaforeign.com
10. Bennett`s Auto Parts & Salvage
City, State, Zip: Goldsboro, North Carolina
Phone: 919-735-1456
20. A.E. Minotto
City, State, Zip: Douglassville, Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.scottschaeffer.com
Email: info@scottschaeffer.com

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We are ready to help you find parts for all Cord models such as . Note all Cord part price quotes are negotiable to an extent, so do not walk out from a deal before trying to barter. For example, if you get a price quote on a Fender or Starter Solenoid for your Cord that is only in a reasonable condition, you may be able talk the price down. In general, your used Cord part will cost you about half the price of a new Cord OEM part.

FYI: Salvage yard dismantles only complete assemblies such as Sliding Door, Convertible Top Motor, Ring and Pinion, Dash Panel, Front Bar, Quarter Panel Extension, Tachometer, Radiator Fan Motor, Ground Effect, Door Hinge (Front), Lower Control Arm (Front), Crankshaft, Spoiler (Rear), Hubcap (Center cap), Tail Light, Blower Motor, AM/FM Radio, Quarter Panel Assembly, Anti-Lock Brake Parts, Antenna and other. This kind of parts is a good candidate for Cord quality replacement part. Another good candidate for quality replacement part could be the expensive Cord electronic equipment such as audio system, car speakers, radio, stereo and computer.

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Note: We do not recommend inexpensive Cord mechanical, maintenance parts, or labor-intensive components as candidates for QRP. Save yourself time, money and frustration - Do not buy used mechanical/repair parts such as Cord Cam Tower Bearing Set, Wheel Bearing, Idle Valve Bracket, Accessory Belt Tensioner, Trunk Strut, Instrument Bulb Socket, Water Bypass Pipe, Cold Start Valve O-Ring, Brake Hardware Kit, Hub Carrier Cap, Caliper Lock Plate, AT Clutch Pack Seal, Fusible Link, Crankshaft O-Ring, Ring Gear, Trans. Mount Spring, Alt. Pulley Spacer, Auxiliary Fan Relay, Idle Valve Bracket, Carburetor Screen and other. Note you can buy a new aftermarket Cord mechanical part for a little bit more money but without the possibility of failure after installation.

Used Cord Parts Classified Ads - Sample Listings

1. New York - 1969 Cord warrior - fan switch - need air conditioner fan switch
2. California - 1969 Cord Royale by Samco - Coupler between steerig wheel shaft & power steering box - Could be used, new, rebuilr remanufactured or something off of any other vehicle that might work.
3. California - 1969 Cord Royale by Samco - Fuel Intake Assembly - looking for a fuel tank sensing/sending unit
4. Washington - 1950 Cord 1937 812 4DR - FUEL LINES - Looking for fuel line from tank to fuel pump, and from pump to carburetor
5. Maryland - 2000 Cord windstar - cylinder head
6. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Headlight Assembly
7. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Owner's Manual
8. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Gauges - I need all the gauges for the Cord
9. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Fuel Tank
10. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Bumper Assembly, Rear
11. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Bumper Assembly, Front
12. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Headlight Door/Cover
13. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Headlight Assembly
14. Michigan - 1950 Cord 4 door bustle trunk - Grille - Chrome bars which screw onto hood of "coffin box Cord
15. Michigan - 1950 Cord Beverly - trunk support mechanism - trunk support mechanism
16. Minnesota - 1982 Cord bb - Antenna
17. Mississippi - 1982 Cord nnn - Engine Long Block - n
18. Ontario - 1950 Cord 1936 Phaeton 810 - Seat, Front - I am currently restoring a 1936 Cord 810 Phaeton. I need coil springs for the front and rear seats or entirely new seats. These parts need not be original replica is acceptable.
19. South Dakota - 1950 Cord 812 - Engine Water Pump
20. Hawaii - 1969 Cord Warrior Royale - Owner's Manual - I'm restoring the car to its original form but I only have specs for the engine & transmission. I am looking for the convertible top, interior upholstery, seats, mirrors, lights, bumpers, mirros, etc. as long as it was part of the original model I will be
21. Arizona - 1952 Cord 810 - headlights
22. Washington - 1950 Cord Royle - Headlight Door/Cover - Looking for headlight mechanism and buckets
23. California - 1950 Cord 812 - Tail Light - housing and lenses
24. Texas - 1970 Cord Warrior - Power Brake Booster
25. Texas - 1970 Cord Samco - Brake Master Cylinder
26. Arizona - 1950 Cord L-29 - Wheel/Rim Steel - Have hubs need good rims. Wheels are 18x3.25
27. Minnesota - 1982 Cord daf - Exhaust Pipe
28. Minnesota - 1982 Cord daf - Emission Part
29. New Mexico - 1984 Cord ljhg - Crankshaft Kit
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