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Used Dodge Lancer Parts Finder

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We are ready to help you find parts for all Dodge Lancer models and years. After submitting your part search, you will receive price quotes directly from the sellers (i.e. Dodge salvage yards, junk yards, Dodge car part stores, etc.). Note all the Dodge part price quotes are negotiable to an extent, so do not walk out from a deal before trying to barter with the seller. For example, if you get a price quote on a or for your Dodge Lancer that is only in a fair condition, you may be able negotiate the price down. In general, your used Dodge Lancer part will cost you about half the price of a new Dodge Lancer genuine part.

FYI: Junkyards and auto salvage yard dismantle whole assemblies such as Power Steering Pump, Seat Track (Front), Tie Rod, Fan Blade, Fender Extension, Clutch Master Cylinder, Power Window Motor, Exhaust Manifold, Transaxle Case Assembly, Leaf Spring (Front), Window, Bumper Guard (Front), Steering Wheel, Engine (Complete), Bumper Reinforcement (Front), Boot Cover, Starter Solenoid, Power Window Motor, Cornering Lamp . This kind of parts is a good candidate for a quality used replacement part. Another good candidate for quality used replacement OE part could be an expensive audio system, car speaker, CD Changer, CD Player, Radio, Stereo Set, Computer and other sound equipment, Use your common sense when buying used replacement car and truck parts.

Submit auto part request now!!!

Note: We do not recommend buying used Dodge Lancer inexpensive mechanical, service parts, or labor-intensive parts as candidates for QRP. Save yourself time, money and frustration - Do not buy used Dodge Lancer mechanical/repair parts such as Vacuum Limiter, Grille Shell, Cassette Wiring Harness, Fuel Tank, Rocker Shaft Tower Bolt, Mirror Installation Kit, Block Heater Cord, Lug Nut Cover, Brake Pressure Regulator, Side Marker Bulb, Sway Bar Bracket, Chain Tensioner Kit, C.V. Boot Flange, Fuel Inj Control Unit, Console Vent Cover, Vacuum Tube Elbow, Exh. Bracket Bolt, Vent Window Seal, Hatch Switch . Note you can buy a new aftermarket mechanical part for a little bit more money but without the likelihood of failure after installation.

Used Dodge Lancer Parts Classified Ads - Sample Listings

1. Missouri - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Tail Light
2. California - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Grille
3. California - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Bumper Assembly, Front - Grill and lighting shroud
4. Ohio - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Parking Light
5. Maine - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Molding - Rocker Panel Molding Driver & Passenger
6. Arizona - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Speaker cover - Speaker cover
7. Illinois - 1987 Dodge Lancer - Throttle cable - Need throttle cable. MUST be off a SHELBY Lancer !!
8. Arizona - 1956 Dodge Lancer - horn ring - 56 Dodge custom royal lancer.Horn ring
9. California - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Hood emblem
10. California - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Steering Wheel
11. Pennsylvania - 1987 Dodge Lancer - Ground Effect - Front&rear bumper spoilers,rocker l&r ground effects
12. California - 1961 Dodge Lancer - floor pan - floor and trunk pans
13. Florida - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Tail Light - Right tail light 1962 Dodge Lancer
14. Washington - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Hood - I need a hood and a trunk emblem for a 1962 dodge lancer gt
15. California - 1987 Dodge Lancer - Radiator Fan Motor
16. Texas - 1955 Dodge Lancer - side/fender full length trim pieces - I need both sides, in good shape, chrome or SS (don't know which was original) trim pieces that start on the upper part of the front fenders, down the side into a dip, then back up to the rear of the car.Also, the mounting clips would be most helpful.
17. New York - 1956 Dodge Lancer - Tie Rod - 1956 dodge custom royal
18. New York - 1956 Dodge Lancer - Tie Rod - 1956 dodge custom royal
19. New York - 1956 Dodge Lancer - steering wheel - 1956 dodge custom royal needs a new steering wheel with the complete horn ring
20. Virginia - 1989 Dodge Lancer - Heater Assembly
21. __ - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Differential Assembly - hello, I requir a high geared lancer diff centre . (2.72,, or,,2.92. complete if possible.
22. Texas - 1955 Dodge Lancer - Chrome body trim strip - both sides of the trim strip
23. Colorado - 1987 Dodge Lancer - Automatic idle control motor - need a 2 wire automatic idle control motor
24. Wisconsin - 1961 Dodge Lancer - Hood - hood badge (plastic sheild)
25. Colorado - 1987 Dodge Lancer - Air Flow Meter - 2 WIRE IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE
26. Texas - 1955 Dodge Lancer - Molding - need chrome trim strip near the top of the body that has a dip in it. preferably from a 2 door. both sides. see the link that is on "my website" for a picture, but need 2 door if possible
27. Pennsylvania - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Quarter Panel
28. Florida - 1965 Dodge Lancer - Molding - I need a pair of stainless rocker moldings for a 55 Dodge 4 dr sedan
29. Illinois - 1985 Dodge Lancer - Throttle Body/Valve Assembly
30. Iowa - 2010 Dodge Lancer - Bumper Assembly, Front - need a 2010 journey bumper assembly, hood, front fenders,etc
32. Oregon - 1955 Dodge Lancer - Roof Panel - rocker panel trim (stainless) both sides
33. Delaware - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Engine, Complete
34. North Carolina - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Grille
35. Kansas - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Heater Core
36. North Carolina - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Tail Light
37. Nebraska - 1988 Dodge Lancer - Tail Light - Drivers side tailight lens
38. Alabama - 1955 Dodge Lancer - Fuel Tank
39. California - 1962 Dodge Lancer - Rear window cranks - Need 2 rear window cranks. Do not have to be specific to this year or model as 60-62 valiant parts work too. I would buy off the shelf
40. New Jersey - 1986 Dodge Lancer - Electrical Switch - 1986 dodge lancer Es, tubo need a wiper switch

Submit auto part request now!!!