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1982 Ford Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8) - Radiators Store

Our dealer offers the 1982 Ford Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8) at discount price. Buy the Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8) from the factory warehouse and save serious money and searching time. Our replacement Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8) is guaranteed to fit your 1982 Ford Granada automobile as the OE genuine Ford Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8). Deal with a reliable dealer and enjoy a major discount over the local Ford dealer!

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1982 Ford Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8)
Description:Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8)
1982 Ford Granada
Part Number:8220
Retail Price:$311.01
Discount Price:$214.49
* - price as of 06/24/2009. Actual prices may vary.
 Please verify this item fits your vehicle before placing an order.
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To find used 1982 Ford Granada Radiator (4.2L, 255ci, L-8), visit our Part Locator page.

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