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GEO Rebuilt Engines

Getting a good engine for your Geo is going to be easy when you come here first. There are plenty of small engines that you can choose from. When your old engine goes and there seems to be no hope for a new engine, you can shop online here to find an affordable remanufactured engine. You do not have to spend a lot for a new motor in your Geo.

Many small engines have a lot of power to them. There is no reason to settle for less when you buy a small car. There are a lot of performance engines that you can rely on from us to get your car back on the road again. If you are thinking about buying any other Geo engine for your car, you should rethink your decision.

Buying a used engine may not be such a good idea. You never know exactly what you are going to get. Used motors may seem good for a little while and then all of a sudden it may just let you down. This could be very unfortunate for you. Used engines are not cheap and you do not want to be throwing your money down the drain, especially if they are not under any kind of warranty.

Getting a warranty with your small engine is a very good idea. You should make sure that you are protected when you purchase a remanufactured engine. It is smart to have that protection if ever there is a problem with your motor. This will save you money and it will make you fee a lot better in the mean time.

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Stock No.YearsTypeSizeVINPrice
AGGMC61LB11990L31.0 L, 61 CID, 993 CC6, 2$1,348.00 *
AGGMC61LB31996L31.0 L, 61 CID, 993 CC6$1,348.00 *

* Price as of 04/15/2015. Actual prices may vary.