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Honda Used Parts Finder

Buying Used Honda Parts - Guide & Tips

Do you need replacement used Honda parts? Our extensive network of Honda salvage/junkyards and auto recyclers can be a great place for you to find that incredible good buy of Honda used parts. Note the terms "Honda Used Salvage Yard Part", "Honda Recycled Part", "Honda Salvage Part", "Honda Quality Replacement Part" or "Honda Like Kind Quality Part" refer to Honda used parts.

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Finding a used part in a modern salvage yard is similar to the shopping experience one would have in a contemporary retail store. Many of our salvage yards and used car part dealers use an advanced part inventory system. Digging through loads of rusty old cars is a job with in itself and a style of business from the past. A wrecked Honda car or truck is initially brought into the salvage yard to be dismantled. Then its useable parts get stored in a warehouse. Generally, the fast-moving popular parts such as bumpers, headlights, taillights, radiators, alternators, and seats are standing by on the display shelves.

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Our locating service connects you with a major network of salvage yards around the country. Our system will provide you with the essential vehicle/part information and the price within a few seconds. We can save you hours of frustration by eliminating the tedious time spent calling customers and/or salvage yards. Find below some of the salvage yards that may stock the Honda parts you are looking for:

1. Cherry Ave. Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Birmingham, Alabama
Website: http://www.cherryaveautoparts.com
Email: sales@cherryaveautoparts.com
11. Hendricks County Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Indianapolis, Indiana
Website: http://www.hcaparts.com
Email: info@hcaparts.com
2. Mullins Auto
City, State, Zip: Mt. Olive, Illinois
Website: http://www.mullinsauto.com
Email: brent@mullinsauto.com
12. B & R Auto & Truck Parts
City, State, Zip: Mapleton, Minnesota
Website: http://www.bandrautotruckparts.com
Email: parts@bandrautotruckparts.com
3. Sport Import
City, State, Zip: North Hollywood, California
Phone: 818-765-3333
13. Vans Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Mankato, Minnesota
Phone: 507-625-1950
4. Chinquapin Auto Salvage, Inc.
City, State, Zip: Batesville, Arkansas72501
Phone: 870-698-2263
Website: http://www.indco.net/~cjarvis
Email: lyndaj67@hotmail.com
14. Bill's Auto
City, State, Zip: Cloquet, Minnesota
Website: http://www.billsautomn.com
Email: parts@billsautomn.com
5. Kurkey Auto Wrecking Inc.
City, State, Zip: Ravenna, Ohio44266
Phone: 330-297-1178
Email: usedparts1178@cs.com
15. Deluxe Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Corpus Christi, Texas78408
Phone: 361-883-2581
6. Jordan Auto Parts, Inc.
City, State, Zip: Dilliner, Pennsylvania15327
Phone: 724-943-3522
Website: http://www.jordanautoparts.com
Email: dave@jordanautoparts.com
16. Peacock`s Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Macon, Georgia31211
Phone: 478-743-2484
Email: PASalvage@aol.com
7. 411 Used Parts
City, State, Zip: Centre, Alabama35960
Phone: 256-927-3774
17. Davison Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Detroit, Michigan
Website: http://www.davisonautoparts.com
Email: sales@davisonautoparts.com
8. Ruben Bros.Inc
City, State, Zip: Cincinnati, Ohio45247
Phone: 513-353-3377
Email: KASEY10447@fuse.net
18. A & H Auto Dismantlers, Inc.
City, State, Zip: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 719-635-6524
9. Big Jack`s Auto Salvage
City, State, Zip: Michigan City, Indiana
Phone: 219-874-4608
19. Union Auto Wreckers
City, State, Zip: Union, New Jersey
Website: http://www.unionautowreckers.net
Email: sales@unionautowreckers.net
10. Weber Brothers Auto
City, State, Zip: Lebannon, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-867-2151
20. Eagle Auto Parts
City, State, Zip: Three Rivers, Michigan
Website: http://www.eagleautoparts.com

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We are ready to help you find parts for all Honda models such as Accord, Civic DEL SOL, CRX, EV Plus, Insight, Passport, Prelude, S2000. Note all Honda part price quotes are negotiable to an extent, so do not walk out from a deal before trying to barter. For example, if you get a price quote on a Cruise Control Computer or Mirror, Door for your Honda that is only in a reasonable condition, you may be able talk the price down. In general, your used Honda part will cost you about half the price of a new Honda OEM part.

FYI: Salvage yard dismantles only complete assemblies such as License Lamp, Engine (Complete), Cab Clip, Motor Mount, Timing Belt, Trunklid / Decklid, Air Conditioner Assembly, Brake Master Cylinder, Cruise Control Regulator, Pressure Plate, Air Injection Pump, Tachometer, Convertible Top Lift, Bumper Reinforcement (Front), Trunklid / Decklid, Bumper Reinforcement (Rear), Bell Housing, Tail Panel, Knee Assembly, Knee Assembly and other. This kind of parts is a good candidate for Honda quality replacement part. Another good candidate for quality replacement part could be the expensive Honda electronic equipment such as audio system, car speakers, radio, stereo and computer.

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Note: We do not recommend inexpensive Honda mechanical, maintenance parts, or labor-intensive components as candidates for QRP. Save yourself time, money and frustration - Do not buy used mechanical/repair parts such as Honda Ignition Wire Holder, Steering Rack Mount Kit, AT Fluid Screen Gasket, Clutch Return Spring, Carburetor Screen, Overflow Hose, Fuel Filler Latch Box, Instrument Light Bulb, Headlight Assembly, Door Glass Mount Rail, Engine Shock, A/C Condenser Mount, Timing Rail Gasket, AT Modulator Seal, Accessory Drive Belt, C.V. Boot, Brake Pad Pin Set, Alternator Shield, Steering Rack Brace, Defroster Switch and other. Note you can buy a new aftermarket Honda mechanical part for a little bit more money but without the possibility of failure after installation.

Used Honda Parts Classified Ads - Sample Listings

1. Tennessee - 1993 Honda Prelude - cylinder head assembly - need complete head assembly / not looking for complete engine or bare head
2. Ontario (Canada) - 1999 Honda Odyssey - Wiper Motor, Rear
3. Texas - 1985 Honda Civic - Corner Light
4. Texas - 1985 Honda Civic - Corner Light
5. Texas - 1995 Honda - Corner Light
6. Texas - 1995 Honda - Corner Light
7. California - 1993 Honda Accord - Wheel/Rim Steel
8. Quebec (Canada) - 2003 Honda Odyssey - 81638 -SOX -A223 -M2 - front driver's seat "left boot". (the plastic part that houses the seat control switch.)
9. Arizona - 2006 Honda Odyssey - DONUT TIRE SPARE
10. Alabama - 1996 Honda Accord - Turn Signal Light
11. California - 2003 Honda Accord - Motor Mount - Passenger side motor mount for 2003 accord LX V6. part number: 50820-sdb-a01
12. Alabama - 2004 Honda Civic - Wheel/Rim Alloy
13. New Mexico - 1993 Honda Civic - Door Handle - door won't lock, it's a latch, and can only be locked with door panel off so I can get to the wire to pull it. The door latch is no longer connected to what makes it lock.
14. Nevada - 1988 Honda Civic - Trunk latch - I'm looking for a trunk latch. Not the lock and key part, but the actual latch that keeps the trunk closed, as well as the rod that connects to the lock.
15. Indiana - 2001 Honda Passport - Fender
16. Colorado - 1994 Honda Civic - Turn Signal Light
17. New Jersey - 2004 Honda Accord - Quarter Window Motor
18. Texas - 2006 Honda Cr-v - cargo floor lid or table - cargo area, the table that is the floor of the cargo area.
19. Florida - 1999 Honda Accord - Mirror, Door - passenger mirror assembly, dark green
20. California - 2003 Honda Odyssey - Fender
21. Texas - 2005 Honda Odyssey - middle seat
22. Alabama - 2005 Honda Odyssey - middle row
23. New Jersey - 2003 Honda Pilot - Seat, Front - I am looking to replace the controls for driver seat. Also would like to get the plastic housing around the controls.
24. Washington - 2003 Honda S2000 - security module - Module is underneath drivers seat
25. Alabama - 2006 Honda Element - Running Board - Someone backed into my running board (Honda Element OEM) and crushed the plastic end cap. Anyone have just the plastic end cap?
26. __ - 2005 Honda Cr-v - Parcel shelf
27. Wisconsin - 2003 Honda Element - roof rack
28. California - 1998 Honda Civic - Cylinder Head
29. Florida - 1995 Honda Civic - Fuel Pump
30. Manitoba (Canada) - 1993 Honda Accord - rad fan timer - located under dash on driver's side Has 8 pin plug
31. Maryland - 2004 Honda Odyssey - Seat, Front
32. Connecticut - 2001 Honda Cr-v - Tailgate / Trunklid
33. Alberta (Canada) - 2002 Honda Civic - Bumper Assembly, Front - Front Bumper
34. Illinois - 1991 Honda Accord - Bumper Assembly, Front - This is for 1991 Honda Accord S/W
35. Montana - 2008 Honda Civic - Fender
36. Texas - 1995 Honda Accord - Anti-Lock Brake Pump
37. North Dakota - 1992 Honda Accord - Hood
38. California - 1989 Honda CRX - Quarter Window
39. California - 2003 Honda Element - Radiator
40. Massachusetts - 1996 Honda Civic - Hood

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