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International Rebuilt Engines

When it comes to an International brand car, you need to get the best engine replacement you can get. It may be hard to find the perfect engine when you need one. There is no reason to use a used engine for your International. There are no warranties when you buy one of these and the same goes for a rebuilt motor.

Rebuilt motors are not always made with new parts. They sometimes use old or used parts in making them. This does not make rebuilt engines the best choice for a lot of cars. You should reconsider this idea. Getting a remanufactured engine is probably the best decision for any International brand automobile.

You can rely on our company to build you the perfect engine for your car. You can create engines that you want for your car. This is an important decision for anyone. We do not just want to replace your engine; we want to improve the performance of your car with a performance engine. We have many high quality performance engines to choose from. We have long blocks, short blocks, and small blocks.

Getting a newly built engine from us will give your car the lasting power that it needs. Not only will the remanufactured engines that we build last longer but they will also give your International the horsepower that it deserves. You will absolutely love the power with your new engine. You will be so happy that you did not choose a used engine for your International car.

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Stock No.YearsTypeSizeVINPrice
AGAMC258LB11975L64.2 L, 258 CID$1,370.00 *
AGAMC258LB1974L64.2 L, 258 CID$1,402.00 *
AGIHC304LB1969V85.0 L, 304 CID$2,257.00 *
AGIHC392LB1974V86.4 L, 392 CID$2,257.00 *
AGIHC345LB1974V85.6 L, 345 CID8$2,257.00 *

* Price as of 04/15/2015. Actual prices may vary.