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2006 KIA Sorento Hood - Auto Body Parts Store

Our dealer offers the 2006 KIA Sorento Hood at discount price. Buy the Sorento Hood from the factory warehouse and save serious money and searching time. Our replacement Hood is guaranteed to fit your 2006 KIA Sorento automobile as the OE genuine KIA Sorento Hood. Deal with a reliable dealer and enjoy a major discount over the local KIA dealer!

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2006 KIA Sorento Hood
Description:HOOD, PRIMERED
A high quality, direct fit OE replacement hood.
2006 KIA Sorento
2009 KIA Sorento
2008 KIA Sorento
2007 KIA Sorento
2005 KIA Sorento
2004 KIA Sorento
2003 KIA Sorento
Fit Notes:EX, LX: 6Cyl 3.5L
Part Number:K130113
Retail Price:$430.94
Discount Price:$230.19
* - price as of 06/24/2009. Actual prices may vary.
 Please verify this item fits your vehicle before placing an order.
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2006 KIA Sorento Hood
To find used 2006 KIA Sorento Hood, visit our Part Locator page.

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