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Used Lada 1500s Parts Finder

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We are ready to help you find parts for all Lada 1500s models and years. After submitting your part search, you will receive price quotes directly from the sellers (i.e. Lada salvage yards, junk yards, Lada car part stores, etc.). Note all the Lada part price quotes are negotiable to an extent, so do not walk out from a deal before trying to barter with the seller. For example, if you get a price quote on a or for your Lada 1500s that is only in a fair condition, you may be able negotiate the price down. In general, your used Lada 1500s part will cost you about half the price of a new Lada 1500s genuine part.

FYI: Junkyards and auto salvage yard dismantle whole assemblies such as Boot Cover, Quarter Window Regulator (Rear), Condenser Fan Motor, Mirror, Rear View, Door Front Assembly, Carburetor, Heater Part, Anti-Lock Brake Parts, Windshield Glass, Truck Bed, Bumper Reinforcement (Rear), Drive Shaft (Front), Knee Assembly, Control Arm, Supercharger, Supercharger, Engine Long Block, Carrier Case, Carrier Case . This kind of parts is a good candidate for a quality used replacement part. Another good candidate for quality used replacement OE part could be an expensive audio system, car speaker, CD Changer, CD Player, Radio, Stereo Set, Computer and other sound equipment, Use your common sense when buying used replacement car and truck parts.

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Note: We do not recommend buying used Lada 1500s inexpensive mechanical, service parts, or labor-intensive parts as candidates for QRP. Save yourself time, money and frustration - Do not buy used Lada 1500s mechanical/repair parts such as Key Blank, AT Drain Plug Seal, Window Regulator Kit, AT Oil Cooler, Bulb Failure Relay, Shock Bellows, Breather T-Connector, Aperture Disc, Fuel Injector Holder, Axle Nut Washer, A/C Sliding Knob, Air Conditioning Switch, Trailing Arm, Banjo Washer, Brake Release Handle, Thermostat Shim, Brake Band Bushing, Rocker Shaft Spacer Ring, Igniter Kit . Note you can buy a new aftermarket mechanical part for a little bit more money but without the likelihood of failure after installation.

Used Lada 1500s Parts Classified Ads - Sample Listings

1.  - 1994 Lada 1500s - Air Conditioner Assembly
2. __ - 1994 Lada 1500s - Air Conditioner Assembly
3. Manitoba (Canada) - 1981 Lada 1500s - Dash Panel - I'm looking for a DASH PAD... Is this what you mean by dash panel?
4. __ - 1993 Lada 1500s - Complete air cond.
5. Florida - 1976 Lada 1500s - Distributor
6. Mississippi - 1985 Lada 1500s - front turn signal lights/lenses - need the frt left and rt turn signal assembly + lenses for left and rt sides.
7. Saskatchewan (Canada) - 1982 Lada 1500s - Fuel Pump
8. Ontario (Canada) - 1980 Lada 1500s - Headlight Assembly
9. Delaware - 1990 Lada 1500s - Engine Short Block
10. __ - 1995 Lada 1500s - Clutch Master Cylinder
11. British Columbia (Canada) - 1986 Lada 1500s - Brake Cylinder Master
12. __ - 1974 Lada 1500s - Aluminum Wheel

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