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Auto Audio/Choosing, Installing and Maintaining Car Stereo Systems: Selection Assembly Installation Maintenance Repair

Automotive Detailing: A Complete Car Care Guide for Auto Enthusiasts and Detailing Professionals

Fully illustrated sections include how to detail for show competition, the latest in detailing technology, products and equipment, setting up an auto detailing business, and more.

Basic Car Care

Car Care Book, The

Car Care Q and A : The Auto Owner's Complete Problem-Solver

Features hundreds of questions and answers about every aspect of car maintenance and repair. Coverage includes step-by-step repair procedures for the range of conditions afflicting cars; consumer information on purchasing accessories; how to increase the longevity of vehicles by following essential maintenance practices; how to get malfunctions repaired properly and keep your mechanic honest, and much more. A detailed table of contents enables readers to easily locate whatever information they need.

Car Talk

The straight-talking masters of auto care, whose popular program on National Public Radio is broadcast to over 200 stations nationwide, offer a wealth of "smart talk" on what every car owner must know to make your first car last, avoiding the repair shop rip-offs, getting the best trade-in deal, and American cars versus the imports. "When Click and Clack talk cars, people listen".--Newsweek. National Public Radio giveaways.

Chilton's Chevy Car Care Guide

Chilton's Easy Car Care

It's basic, simple, and easy to use--and you don't have to know anything about cars to save money maintaining your own. Chilton's Easy Car Care concentrates on the simple jobs you do in a few minutes in your own driveway. Perfect for the novice mechanic, this manual covers basic, easy-to-do maintenance. Illustrations.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Trouble-Free Car Care, The

More and more consumers are foregoing the new car purchase and keeping the old jalopy--all the more need for a guide to help with everyday car maintenance and repair. Designed for nonmechanical people, this timesaving guide is filled with step-by-step techniques and humorous sidebars.

Consumer Car Care for the Wise, the Poor and the Helpless

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