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Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles: Standards and Technologies for Controlling Emissions

Air Pollution, the Automobile, and Public Health

Auto and Pollution

Automobile and the Environment, The

Discusses the automobile's role in polluting the environment and ways of decreasing the damage.

Automobile Dependence and Denial: The Elephant in the Bedroom: Impacts on the Economy and Environment

The elephant in question is the American automobile and its true cost to the citizenry, economy, and environment. The authors, both engineers, provide a more reasoned, well-written, and holistic introduction to the subject than one would expect from a manifesto. Their thesis is that the automobile is much more expensive than we realize when taxes, parking, and environmental concerns are considered. The answer to the problem, expounded at length, is full-cost pricing of all automobiles, highways, and automobile by-products. Like most manifestos, this one has lots of passion, no footnotes, and few numbers, and it treats competing ideas with disdain. Most readers will need proof before agreeing that raising the cost of gasoline to $9 per gallon will result in ``better familial discipline.'' Nevertheless, this is a compelling, informative book about a very real problem.-- Kenneth M. Locke, Radford, Va.

Automobiles and Pollution

Explores the impact automobile emissions have on air pollution, focusing on the share of pollution that can accurately be attributed to the use of vehicles. Presents general information on atmospheric pollution and its regulation in Europe, then discusses its impact on health and the environment, the chemistry and mechanisms of automobile pollution, the influence of fuel properties, post-combustion treatments, and economic challenges to alleviating the problem.

Autos, Smog and Pollution Control: The Politics of Air Quality Management in California

Car That Could, The : The inside Story of General Motors' Revolutionary Electric Vehicle

Unprecedented secrecy surrounded the early development of General Motors's Impact. Shnayerson watched the story unfold from a position of access never granted a reporter before--literally from the inside of the pace-setting GM Impact program. This is the first book to penetrate the silence surrounding GM's risky and successful decision to become the world's mass producer of the electric car.

Cars: An Environmental Challenge

Discusses the environmental damage and safety problems associated with the internal combustion engine, with an emphasis on emissions and air pollution, and examines various solutions and alternatives to the situation.

Design for Environmentally Safe Automotive Products and Processes




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