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Air Bags - Safety, Controversy, Adult-Child Deaths in Automobiles: Index of New Information

Auto Safety Regulation: The Cure or the Problem?

Auto Safety: Assessing America's Performance

America has struggled for 30 years to resolve controversy about the use of occupant restraint systems in motor vehicles. The book uses the differing perspectives of conflicting interests, "democratic pluralism," to explain why it was so difficult to resolve the dispute and how the breakthrough toward resolution was ultimately achieved. Principles governing policymaking and corporate influences are explained and insights are provided for policymakers, corporate executives, lobbyists, consumer activists, attorneys and judges, and legislators who are participants in regulatory processes.

Automobile Safety: Present and Future Technology

Drive to Survive!

Author Curt Rich has hit on a new way to approach everyday driving. He teaches you how to apply a simple and effective color-code 'awareness' of the environment around you to anticipate everything from incompetent drivers to avoiding accidents, including staged fender-benders that can be a ruse for car-jackings.

Frontal-Crash Safety Technologies for the '90s

How to Buy and Maintain Tires for Top Mileage and Maximum Safety

Issues in Automotive Safety Technology: Offset Frontal Crashes, Airbags, and Belt Restraint Effectiveness-1995 International Congress and Exposition Meeting

Motor Vehicle Safety Design Innovations

Responsible Driving

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