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Janurary 16, 2000 Article
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OK, you asked for it. As expected, I got a lot of response from last week feature from people who think that doing PROPER Service on vehicles is a waste of money. To all of those people and to any others who are thinking about sending me nasty e-mails, I think you should consider a few qualifications first.

1. Have you ever owned one vehicle for longer than 20 years?
2. Have you owned a passenger vehicle that covered more than 300,000 miles? (With no major repairs.)
3. Have you ever compared the ACTUAL COSTS per mile/kilometer to operate a vehicle?
4. Have you ever had to REDUCE maintenance costs on fleets of 50 vehicles or more?
5. Have you had the opportunity to deal with between twenty and fifty vehicles PER DAY for 35 years so that you can see the differences from one to another?
6. Have you ever spent hundreds of hours doing research on the effects of lubricants on engines?
7. Have you ever spent hundreds of hours doing evaluations on different lubricants?
8. Have you PERSONALLY owned more than 50 vehicles in your life?
9. Have you had the opportunity to test lubricants in actual performance tests on dozens of different vehicles and engine configurations?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, then I will SERIOUSLY consider your opinion. In the mean time, I am expressing my OWN opinion based on PROVEN test data. I have spent YEARS dealing with the NEXT owner of vehicles that the previous owner felt that the recommended servicing is not required. I have had to try and explain to those NEW owners how anybody could not have more of a conscience than to trade in a vehicle that they had run into the condition that it was then. I have seen the results of improper servicing and also had to repair the resulting damages. I have also researched the opinion of many that it is cheaper to just do the very basic of servicing and have proven that those people receive far LESS money for their vehicles when they are sold or traded. This same research has shown that these same vehicles would be worth more than DOUBLE in value of what the owner thought they were saving.

In short, servicing a vehicle PROPERLY, SAVES MONEY AND MAKES MONEY.

If you really don't want to SAVE money on your vehicle operating costs and really don't care how much you LOSE when you sell or trade your vehicle, then do what you wish. But, I would suggest that you hope the next owner is not is friend of yours, or a customer of mine. I have had a perfect success rate when helping someone sue the previous owner for selling a vehicle in sub-standard condition.

Enough said!

Next week, lubricating fluids etc.

"TOOT" Rick "The Wrench" - Janurary 16th, 2000
Copyright of Rick The Wrench, 2000

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