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Janurary 31, 2000 Article
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Are you happy with your latest New Vehicle purchase?

If you are, you are in a very small minority of vehicle purchasers. According to a resent TV program in Canada, over 60% of vehicle buyers are NOT happy with their purchase.This program showed how "secret buyers" are used to travel the country and check out different car dealers in different cities.

According to the findings of these "Buyers", Vancouver topped the list as the WORST place to buy a vehicle. During the program, they showed these "Buyers" checking out advertisements and then going to try and buy the vehicles "As Advertised". In every case the advertised SPECIAL was no longer available but for just a FEW DOLLARS MORE etc. etc. They even showed one place in Calgary that had advertised a NEW vehicle for monthly payments of $99.00 but found out there was no such thing available.

Lets take a look at what this program was showing.
1. A person has less than a 40% chance of getting an honest deal when buying a new vehicle. (The funny thing is, the same people that were not happy with their last purchase will go buy another one.)
2. There is a lot of mis-leading advertising going on. (There are laws against such practices but it would appear the dealers think they are above the law. But people still go there to buy vehicles.)
3. Buying a New vehicle is a very expensive "Crap Shoot".

Was there anything new shown in this program? Heck no, this same sort of stuff has been going on for years and will continue to go on. Why? Because it WORKS. New vehicle sales are reaching ever-higher records even though these surveys show that the majority of people are getting ripped off. This just goes to prove something that I have known for years and that is people REALLY DON'T CARE. People are so brain washed into the "NEED" for new vehicles that they will put up with just about anything to be able to buy one. I wonder what would happen if I were to open an Automotive Repair shop that advertised NON-EXISTENT low prices?

Also I could rip off 60% of my customers, what do you think would happen? Oh that's right, there are lots of big CHAINS that are already doing that and making millions, just like the car dealers. What ever happened to the "HONEST" little corner garage where the mechanic became your friend? Well in most cases, he has closed up shop and gone into another line of work because he could not compete "HONESTLY" and he would not become dishonest to stay in business. The bottom line: People would rather complain than do anything about it because THEY REALLY DON'T CARE.

"TOOT" Rick "The Wrench" - Janurary 31st, 2000
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