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February 6, 2000 Article
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Ok, I think it's time we had a little poll here and the topic will be:

But NATURALLY I will express my opinion. In my life, being both a vehicle owner and the owner of Body Shops, I have been required to have many dealings with Insurance. I have dealt with private Insurance in Canada as well as in the United States and I have dealt with Government Insurance programs in British Columbia. I have also had limited dealings with Government insurance in Saskatchewan. Based on the dealings I have had, I am in favor of Government Insurance by far.

Although anytime a person is required to deal with any Insurance company, be it Government or not, that person is in a NO WIN situation. You will ALWAYS lose but it's the amount you will lose that makes the big difference. The second big difference is in COST to the vehicle owner. And here I want to set the record straight from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. GOVERNMENT INSURANCE IS CHEAPER THAN PRIVATE AND THE COVERAGES ARE BETTER. And don't let any of the BS from private Insurance Companies try to tell you any different. After a required move from British Columbia to Alberta, I had to go to private insurance and even after months of searching for different policies, I HAD to drop some of our Insurance coverage. We have two Classic vehicles that we only drive in the summer and a 4 X 4 and Chrysler that only gets driven in the winter. Up until the move to Alberta, we ALWAYS had two other vehicles and our motorhome covered year round. My crewcab/racecar hauler and my Wife's Caddy were always covered year round. What we used to do was keep the two Insured year round and then switch the Classic's to the winter cars and back every six months. Two would be covered for use and two would have storage coverage on them. However if we were to continue the SAME coverage's in Alberta it would end up costing us just about double what we paid in BC. (And we both have excellent driving records.) It would seem that private Insurance companies think that you are going to be able to drive all of your vehicles at the same time, so they HAVE to be insured ALL OF THE TIME. If you own four vehicles, you MUST fully insure them or not insure them at all. Plus the real kicker in Alberta is that Insurance Companies DON'T WANT YOU DRIVING A SAFE VEHICLE.

Although it is common knowledge that cracked and damaged windshields are UNSAFE, Insurance companies in Alberta discourage the replacement of windshields. Just awhile ago, they even raised the deductible on glass coverage because they were paying too many glass claims. I guess they think accident claims are easier to weasel out of than something as straight forward as a badly damaged windshield. I will continue this next week but go to the forum site here to log you vote and comment if you wish. I have enter two headings, one for being in favor of Government insurance and one for being against it Log your vote and I will see you next week.

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