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June 7th, 1999 Article
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Let me try and explain a few things that will help you understand the requirements of a Computer. Controlled engine and what equipment is required to PROPERLY DIAGNOSE these vehicles. When you go to a Doctor with some sort of pain in you stomach or digestive system, what is one of the first things the Doctor wants to help Diagnose the problem? The Doctor usually asks for a test of the waste that comes out of your body, right?

Well an engine is the same thing. The ONLY WAY a Mechanic can tell what is going on inside the engine during the combustion process, is to be able to analyze what is coming out of the exhaust. Since the Governments first started requiring Manufacturers to start to make new vehicles that ran BETTER and used LESS GAS, there has been a general misunderstanding as to what the Laws were all about. I have said for years that they used the wrong terminology for Emission Controls. They should have been called EFFICENCY CONTROLS. Those of us that understood the working of an Internal Combustion Engine, knew that a engine that runs PROPERLY, makes very little emissions out the tailpipe. The Government was trying to get Manufactures to make vehicles that would put LESS UNBURNT FUEL out the tailpipe. When they started these regulations, they also passed Legislation that stated basically that Emission controlled vehicles COULD ONLY BE REPAIRED IF THE PERSON DOING THE REPAIRS HAD PROPER TESTING EQUIPMENT. In other words, since Emission Regulations became Law, it has been ILLEGAL for a Mechanic to work on vehicles without a CERTIFIED EXHAUST GAS ANALYZER. However, as these laws were never enforced in most areas, most people just ignored them. But, not only is it the law, but it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a Mechanic to repair the fuel system of a vehicle without a PROPER Exhaust Analyzer. (I said NEARLY because nothing is impossible and there is the OFF CHANCE that someone could GET LUCKY.)

For over Thirty years, those of us that knew the difference, we have used exhaust testing to make sure that vehicles were running PROPERLY. And, I have always got a kick out of some of the BS I have heard from Mechanics that aren't smart enough to understand the requirements of exhaust analyzing. I have heard things like; "Any good Mechanic doesn't need all that fancy stuff to make a car run right" and "Why should I spend all that money to buy a expensive piece of equipment when people don't want to pay for using it anyway. And it is easier to sell a customer on buying ANOTHER part or repair than try and charge them for proper diagnostic testing".

These type of comments are themselves the reason why the Governments had to start Regulations regarding Emissions. The Government KNEW that if they didn't pass some laws, the majority of people wouldn't fix vehicles properly and would be causing more Emissions. By using Laws, the Government could force Manufacturers into producing vehicles that wouldn't make AS MUCH pollution, by making the run more efficiently and use less fuel. But, the factories knew that a lot of SO CALLED MECHANICS wouldn't want to deal with these systems RIGHT, so the BEST WAY was to use Computer Controls. The on board system monitors exhaust output and makes calculations for adjustment in order to ensure that there is as little as possible unburned fuel going out of the tailpipe. They even designed a system that is SELF MONITORING, to aide in diagnosing the system. BUT, the only way to be sure that these systems are working properly, is with AN EXHAUST ANALYZER. That is why any area that has required testing, uses an Exhaust Analyzer to do the testing.

So, gust think about this a minute, if vehicles have to pass a Exhaust test to be sure that they are running PROPERLY, how can anybody think that a person does not need a Analyzer to repair vehicles. BOTTOM LINE IS, NEVER ,NEVER, TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO A SHOP THAT DOES NOT HAVE AN EXHAUST ANALYZER. (And make them show you it is a current LEGAL Model.)

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