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August 8th, 1999 Article
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I am going to try and address two different matters this week.

1. I get numerous requests for people asking me what vehicles I would recommend for them and that question is nearly impossible to answer. All vehicles have good points and bad points and even these points are often open to interpretation. For example, quite often a vehicle that the "Experts" pick for "Lemon of the year awards", become the best sellers for that year. (It is as if lots of people go out and buy those vehicles just to see if they are as bad as reported.) What one person thinks is a nice ride, someone else would consider it too mushy and visa versa. Some people like firm seats, some like hard and I could go on and on but I think you get the drift. The main reason that there are so many different type of vehicles available is to try and fill all the different taste and desires. I myself prefer vehicles that I MAKE. I buy a vehicle that I like and then I take it all apart and put it back together the way I want it. I prefer things that are unique and not something that anybody with a good credit history can buy. Then after I get the vehicle the way I want it, I never sell it. I just keep it and keep repairing and upgrading it. For example, I have been using Computerized-timing controls on a 1972 Chev since 1976. I have been using special fuel control system and fuel injection since the sixties. I also like maximum performance so I have more horsepower in the vehicles I drive everyday than a lot of racecars have in this country. Heck, even my Hunting truck is over 500 hp. But I can afford to do so because I haven't made a car loan payment in over twenty years. (Go ahead, calculate that based on whatever you pay every month.) ALL I CAN TELL ANYONE IS BUY WHAT YOU LIKE. Every vehicle is going to have problems and problems are always an inconvenience and costly. It will be far easier to deal with these problems if you LIKE the vehicle, otherwise the problems become a real pain.

2. I have been getting a lot of questions regarding problems with computer controlled vehicles. I get questions like; the check engine light is on, what could the problem be? Or, How can I fix this myself? The problems are far too complex in most cases to give specific answers without having some test information. I would suggest anyone with a question about system problems, go back into archives and read what I have already posted on computer controls. Then if you wish to try and do your own repairs, be prepared to buy the necessary tools, equipment and technical information that will be required. And yes, anybody CAN do it if they wish to go to the time and expense required. These systems have been around long enough now that there is a pretty good market of used diagnostic equipment available for the home repair people. But, you cannot repair them properly without this equipment and information. (Unless you just get lucky.)

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