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August 22nd, 1999 Article
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OK, I'll. Deal with it! I have always found it interesting how many people want their questions kept out of the public veiw. Every week, I get letters and E-mail that goes something like this: "I think you should answer questions like, blah, blah, blah, but don't use me when you do write about it." Or, " I think you should explain the difference between blah, blah and blah, blah but don't relate it to anything I have talked about."???????????????? In the last couple of months I have got a lot of mail etc suggesting that I explain EXACTLY what a Restored vehicle is. (I guess lots of people spend the summer months trying to track down some sort of DREAM VEHICLE and I know what a lot of them mean.) I see ads for vehicles for sale and shown as completely "RESTORED". As a matter of fact, just for curiosity I have phoned some of these ads and been sold by the seller that: "Oh yea, she's been COMPLETELY RESTORED." But when one goes to look at these vehicles, the "COMPLETE RESTORATION turns out to be a nice shiny paint job over BODY FILLED panels and an engine from a wrecking yard that was spray bomb painted before it went into the vehicle. Up until the time my shop burnt and I lost everything that I had worked a lifetime for, I used to have pictures all over showing RESTORATIONS in different stages. If I still had some of those, I would put them up here so you could see what I am talking about. Short of that, you will have to look in a dictionary and see what the DEFINITION of Restoration is.

One Dictionary shows the following: RESTORE; to bring back to an ORIGINAL condition, or to make AS NEW. This means just like it says, if you want to restore a vehicle, it means that you will have to TOTALLY dis-assemble the vehicle and repair, rebuild or redo EVERYTHING back to a condition as it was when it was BRAND NEW AND NEVER USED. I used to have pictures of my Wife's Mustang that is on the front page of my web site, when we were restoring it. We TOTALLY stripped the car and every part, right down to BARE METAL. I even had a picture of the main body TUB, mounted on two turnable mounts and there was not even any primer on it, just bright shiny metal. EVERY PART WAS REMADE TO BE JUST LIKE IT WAS IN 1969. (Or better. For example, the entire floor area of the car was all replaced with NEW parts and then covered with 400 sq. yards of Fiberglass, done in layers.) EVERY WIRE IN THE CAR WAS REPLACED. (I spent six days just making the wiring harnesses.) The Factory had originally routed most of the accessory power through the ignition switch and this created problems with burning up the switch. I redid the wiring to run all MAJOR amperage draw items, through circuit breakers. EVERY PART IN THE CAR was either replaced or REBUILT to a BETTER than New condition. Even after I put the body all back together, it took 200 hours just to get it READY for painting and the paint job itself took another 55 hours and then I had to start putting it all back together. (Just like the Factory had done in 1969.) Every piece of trim and weather-strip was redone or replaced. Every nut and bolt was cleaned, painted or replaced. Every little thing that had been done CHEAP at the Factory, (To keep the initial price down.) was redone. For example, the way the upper control arms mounted on the sub-frame, was always a weak spot, and these were all redone and REINFORCED. The upper fender areas where the spring pockets are, were also reinforced and cross supported. All I will tell you about the drive train is that we spent over $16,000.00 US dollars, on parts and machine work alone. (In 1987dollars.) And no, I will NOT sell this car for the same price as a Mustang that has just been Painted and had a rebuilt engine, transmission and new (EL CHEAPO) tires put on it. Just so you know: In many areas, if you advertise a item as being RESTORED and all you have done is a few repairs and a Paint job, you could be charged with Mis-Representation and or FRAUD. If you want to restore a vehicle, RESTORE IT. The end value of the vehicle is DIRECTLY RELATED TO HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN PROVE YOU SPENT ON IT. Nobody can buy a vehicle for $1,500, spend $3000 on it and sell it as a RESTORED vehicle. JUST LIKE ANYTHINK ELSE, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

"TOOT" Rick "The Wrench" - August 22nd,1999
Copyright of Rick The Wrench, 1999

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