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September 19th, 1999 Article
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WAKE UP! The power was off over night and the alarm clock is just flashing. You grab your watch and it tells you that it is 7:37 am and today was the day that you were to meet the Brass in your office at 8 and it takes you twenty minutes to get there, on a good day. Quick, pull on the first two socks you see, what's it matter if one is inside out, and step into that pair of pants that was tossed on the chair last night. (You don't have time to pick out clean stuff) You grab a shirt and head into the bathroom for a few quick swipes with the razor. OUCH! You nick yourself twice and you bleed on your white shirt, run back into the bedroom to get another shirt and THE WIFE wants to know what's going on. You just yell that you are late for work and you run down the hall, knocking over little Bobby who has just stepped out of his bedroom. Now he is crying so you send him to see his mother and she is screaming at you.

Quick! Your late. Into the living room, the dog is now barking and the cat dives under the armchair. You reach for your jacket just as the dog runs in front of you so you fall face first onto your briefcase, taking a little "Bark" off your chin. Now the Wife is screaming, Bobby's crying and the cat and dog think it's world war three. But The wife still Yells "Hey, don't I get a Kiss?' so back down to the bedroom but as you bend over she tells you that you face is a mess and she doesn't want to kiss that. #*&+#@%* you think as you head to the door. Step into those shoes, you can tie them in the car, OH SH---, tie!!!!! There's one hanging on the back of a chair in the kitchen, it will do and you just stuff it into your pocket. Now, out the door and head for the "OLD" car and you lose a shoe when you try to get in, but you just pick it up and throw it into the car. After all, you can put it on at the first traffic light you come to. You throw your briefcase onto the seat and slam the door on the sleeve of your jacket. Dirty rotten #&*%$@!!!! Come on now, which pocket were the keys in?

Oh, they are still in the ignition, you must of left them there last night and nobody even stole the car. You check your watch and it says 7:46, as you turn the key to start the car but all that happens is a little RRRrr and a clicking sound. DEAD BATTERY! You think to yourself that you wish someone had stolen the car last night, as then you would have a REAL GOOD excuse to tell the boss, as you head back into the house. First you call the auto club and you ignore the yelling that is coming from down the hall, something about what she had told you a few weeks ago. Now you call the office and you know the boss isn't going to be happy but after all, you were looking for a job when you found this one, RIGHT? As you are waiting for the service truck from the Auto club, your Wife comes down the hall carrying Bobby and you just know by the length of his lower lip, that you are NOT his favorite person right now. She reminds you that the mechanic at the garage had told her the battery was getting weak, the last time she had the car in for service. She also reminds you how you had told her that the mechanic was only trying to rip her off because there had never been any sign of a battery problem. (But there sure is now.) As you reach into your pocket to pull out the tie you had stuffed in there and start to put it on, you realize that it is your Wife's and it is a good thing that you didn't put it on at the office. ( Winnie the Pooh.) But you wonder how the mechanic could of known, quite awhile ago, that the battery was going to be a problem. Any GOOD mechanic with proper testing equipment can prevent all sorts of problems. BUT, you have to be prepared to allow them to check things FIRST and then be willing to deal with the problems that they find. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER!

Next week, I'll. Get into some basics about battery and electrical system testing

"TOOT" Rick "The Wrench" - September 19th,1999
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