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December 26th, 1999 Article
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'Twas the night before New Year and all through the shop
not a creature was stirring except me and my mop.
Customer's cars all sat in a row
waiting repairs that would soon make them go.
When out on the street there was such a clatter
Sounds of tearing metal and glass as it scattered,
I ran to the door to see what I could see
And a badly wrecked car was pointed at me.
I rushed into me boots and grabbed a warm jacket
But more skidding tires did add to the racket.
I pulled a fire extinguisher off of the wall
And reached for the phone to give 911 a call.
After giving directions I ran to the scene
The streets were quite icy there was such a sheen
Many people had stopped to offer their help
And from out of the wreck a dog started to yelp.
Three people in one car were not in good shape
But the driver of a truck had just but a scrape.
He had gotten out of his truck and could hardly stand up
I thought it was the ice but he still held a cup.
The man was quite drunk it was plain to figure
I asked a person to watch him, as the Police would soon be here.
I did what I could as sirens were heard
The many injured people said hardly a word
A small little dog was trapped in the rear
He was covered with blood badly hurt did I fear.
Emergency service had arrived at the place
They dealt with the injured with a cut on the face
A bystander helped me asI freed the young pup
But we were too late he had given up.
The injured were taken to hospital for treatment
While the drunk sat in the police car to give them his statement.
He was handcuffed and taken to the lock up I guess
As tow trucks arrived to clean up the mess.
It seems the fellow drank a few cups of cheer
And ruined a families happy new year.
The young dog was all that died here that day
I will always remember as I look out that way.
The drunk man had missed the red traffic light
And caused such a mess on that new years night.
That no one else died was just down right lucky
Drinking and driving is just plain horse pucky.
If you wish to drive and drink all in jest
Then I think you should know that you are more than a pest.
I have driven for years and drunk my fair share
But I have never so driven it is only fair.
If you really wish a happy New Year
It is only right you let someone else steer.

Have a Happy millenium New Year and try to keep everyone else's happy too

"TOOT" Rick "The Wrench" - December 26th, 1999
Copyright of Rick The Wrench, 1999

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